Cleansite System

Clean Site System

Collection system for plastic packaging films on construction sites

There are no downsides to sorting plastic packaging films

  • To comply with the sorting obligation

    All companies are subject to the obligation to sort plastic packaging films. By using Clean Site System bags, you are in compliance with the law. To find out more about sorting obligations, visit our site

  • To keep your site safe and clean

    By keeping your site safe and clean, you present a positive image of your business and increase your popularity rating.

  • To contribute to the circular economy

    Recycling 5,000 tonnes of plastic packaging film generated on construction sites would avoid the production of 15,000 tonnes of CO2.

Who is involved?

Are you a contractor? Whether you are a bricklayer, plasterer, tiler or carpenter, your activity generates plastic packaging waste.

Did you know that there is a simple and effective system for clearing your sites of this packaging?

Le sac pour un chantier propre

Buy collection bags

We offer you 400-litre bags, a convenient format for collecting your soft plastics.


How much does it cost?

The bags are on sale at € 25 for a roll of 5 bags (i.e. € 5 per bag) in the distributor network participating in Clean Site System.

This price includes:

  • the purchase of the bag
  • your distributor’s administration fees
  • the handling costs for plastic films

Sort smart!

Ensure your plastic packaging films are recycled by carefully observing the sorting instructions. A well-sorted bag is a recycled bag.

What is allowed in the bag?

  • Pallet covers

    • Housses de palettes
    • Housses de palettes
    • Housses de palettes
  • Stretch films

    • Films de protection
    • Films de protection
    • Films de protection
  • Packaging films

    • Films d’emballages
    • Films d’emballages
    • Films d’emballages
  • Plastic bags of materials

    • Sacs en plastique de matériaux
    • Sacs en plastique de matériaux
    • Sacs en plastique de matériaux

Most frequent sorting errors

  • Expanded polystyrene

  • PET bottles

    Bouteilles PET
  • Straps

    Liens de cerclage
  • Insulation material

    Matériel d’isolation
  • Cement bags

    Sacs de ciment
  • All other plastic or non-plastic waste is strictly prohibited.
  • Films and packaging bags with hazard pictograms (CLP labelling) are not accepted in the bags

Return your bags

Once the bags are full, you can return them for free to a distributor participating in Clean Site System.