A list of frequently asked questions can be found below.

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No, this is prohibited. You can only use Clean Site System bags to collect plastic packaging waste at your sites and put it in your distributor’s container. A list of distributors can be found on this page.

No, «Clean Site System» bags are sold in rolls of 5 bags or in boxes of 60 bags as a minimum.

No, bags must be sold at €25 per roll. Bags may not be distributed free of charge under any circumstances. Similarly, no discount on the selling price of bags can be offered by the distributor.

It is the contractors’ responsibility to transport their filled bags from their site to a distributor’s container. They will therefore have to return their bags when visiting their distributor to order or buy materials.

Yes, plastic packaging waste of all colours is accepted.

Before buying or using his first bags, the contractor will have signed the Clean Site System agreement and accepted the conditions of participation.

If the contractor does not observe these conditions (for example, he puts unauthorised material in the bags), the distributor will have the option of banning him from participating in the project.