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Tips for optimal bag quality

Perform a visual inspection

A simple visual inspection (systematic or provisional) of the bags when they are returned can save you a lot of inconvenience. This inspection ensures that the contents of the bags comply with the conditions of acceptance. The waste collector is entitled to «downgrade» non-compliant bags to residual waste and as a consequence, charge additional handling costs.

Identify users

The bags have a user identification section. We recommend that you ask your customers to write their name in this section. In the event of non-compliance, affected users can be easily identified. On the one hand, you can re-invoice the additional handling costs that have been invoiced to you and on the other hand, we can provide them with targeted communication.

Store the bags in a visible location

Isolated spots are not subject to social control. Provide a storage location for bags in a busy area. This will reduce the risk of contamination.

Use our communication material

Valipac provides waterproof posters and leaflets. They clearly identify which waste can be collected in the bags. Display these posters in the bag storage area and in your shop. The more visible the message, the more likely it is to be read. Our communication material is available free of charge upon request.

Inform your customers

Inform new and current users of the conditions of acceptance for Clean Site System bags: provide them with the necessary information verbally and give them the specific leaflet. Repeat this information regularly. Get your customers to sign the charter of usage in order to empower them. The more you repeat the message, the more likely it is to be assimilated.

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