Not a distributor yet?

What does it involve?

Every year, the construction sector generates more than 5,000 tonnes of plastic packaging film waste. To prevent this packaging waste from ending up in mixed waste containers, Clean Site System offers contractors a solution tailored to their needs while minimising their administration costs. They can now dispose of their plastic waste via a network of more than 220 building material distributors.

How does it work?

Clean Site System uses the principle of reverse logistics: collecting plastic waste generated on construction sites and returning it to distributors.

  • Clean Site System provides building material distributors with 400-litre bags for the collection of plastic packaging films and bags,
  • Contractors buy bags from their distributor when purchasing materials,
  • Once the bags are filled, the contractors group them together and return them for free to their distributor.

EIn principle, all your customers can benefit from Clean Site System, provided they are active in the building sector and have accepted the terms of participation for contractors.

Why take part?

You help your customers to comply with the sorting obligation

In Wallonia and Flanders, plastics are subject to a sorting obligation. Any professional who does not sort his plastic waste is therefore liable to legal sanctions.

By participating in the Clean Site System, your customers are automatically in compliance with this legislation.

You provide your customers with a cost-effective solution

Clean Site System is a cost-effective collection solution. By putting plastic packaging waste in Clean Site System bags, the global cost of waste management is reduced.

You offer an additional service to your customers

By offering Clean Site bags, you relieve your customers of a logistical worry: they no longer need to run to the container park to deposit their plastic waste.

One stop shopping: They come to your shop to buy building materials and take advantage of the opportunity to buy bags! A “plus” that sets you apart from your competitors.

How can I take part?

You have the possibility to offer your customers this collection system. Once the waste is gathered on your site, you are in charge of its treatment. You can count on the network of waste collectors participating in the Clean Site System for this.

Interested? If you are a member of the Fema, simply contact us or your Federation (Fema). We will make an appointment to present the project to you in all its details.