Who are we?

Clean Site System is a specific department of Valipac focused on the building sector. What is our aim? To encourage and increase the collection of plastic packaging waste on construction sites.

Who is Valipac?

Valipac is an organisation created in 1997 at the initiative of the Belgian business world and whose mission is to encourage and coordinate the recycling of industrial packaging. In Belgium, the management of this waste has been governed since 1997 by legislation which imposes certain obligations on companies that bring packaging on the Belgian market. Today, Valipac provides its services to more than 7,000 Belgian companies. To learn more about Valipac, click here

Within Valipac, a team of two has been responsible for the commercial development of Clean Site System since 2005:

  • on the one hand, by informing customers and potential users (contractors)
  • and on the other hand, by coordinating the distribution network (builders’ merchants)

What is the aim of Clean Site System?

  • to offer contractors an economical solution for the simple removal of plastic waste from their sites at a very low cost.
  • to preserve the environment because the plastic collected is recycled and used as a raw material in the manufacture of other products.

As a contractor, by protecting your interests, you are also ensuring the protection of the environment. 

An effort that concerns all of us today!